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Dwarka is one of the religious places of Saurashtra. Its wet climate is bearable due to sea breeze through the day. Dwarka is one of the religious places in Gujarat. This was the first capital of Gujarat - "ANCIENT (ANART) LATER KNOWN AS KUSHASTHALI." A land with a long and deep historical past, India is a favorite choice of many travelers. There are various tourist places in India. Travel industry in India has been escalating day by day. There are various tourist places in India, which is the prime reason for the arrival of thousands of tourists to this country of universal appeal. Owing to the variety that the country of India has to offer in terms of climate, culture, topography, cuisine, art and architecture, you will have at your proceed a number of tourist places in India deserving a visit or two. This portal not only provides information at India level but also gives detailed information about various places of Gujarat.


Bet Dwarka is known as an important land mark in Dwarka, because there is a belief that Lord Krishna with his family resided here and ruled from here. Mythology says that Lord Vishnu killed the demon Shankhasura here and thus other name of this place is Shankhoddar. This place not only has important temples and shrines, but also has some wonderful beaches in the sub continent. Its dazzling shores and gleaming waters gives someone a good time to spend in solitude. With an ideal environment and charm of this island, one can visit this place of nature’s gift with an unforgettable experience of lifetime.


This is one of the major Dwarka tourist attractions. There are 7 ponds, which are jointly called the “Rukmini Hrid”. This place is believed to destroy all the sins and grant salvation. It is also said that by taking a dip at Rukmini Hrid, a man becomes powerful and is untied from the birth and death cycle


Gomati kund is one of the important holy spots by the Gomti river bank because; this was the place where Durvasa was served by the lord himself. Gomati kund is not only the place of religious importance, but people also come here to take a look at the merger of this river with the Arabian Sea. The belief is that if you visit this place once, your sins will get washed away. And it is believed that if you go to Dwarka, you should certainly visit this place and take a bath in the river.

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